100% Organic Detox Skinny Tea

How to Teatox

The Nuleaf Detox is not just a tea, it’s a let’s kick some butt system! So sip it with the following for the best results:

> Water – Stay hydrated with 2 liters of pure water a day

> Eat – Download the Nuleaf Eating plan and follow guidelines

> Exercise – This is important. Be active. Walk 30 minutes at least 4 times a week

> Detox – Drink your Shape-Up Tea & CleanseMe Tea

How Does a “Skinny” Teatox Work?

The Nuleaf Detox is a system of two teas. A Morning Tea (Shape Up) and a Night tea (CleanseMe). ‘ShapeUp’ will ignite your metabolism throughout the day, while our ‘CleanseMe’ tea will calm, sooth, and cleanse your digestive system while you sleep. By combining our tea with our exclusive NuLeaf Tea’s Eating Plan, you can be sure your on your way to achieving a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle.

Morning tea > Shape Up 

Helps controls your blood sugar level. If your blood sugar’s high it can make you feel hungry and you’ll have the urge to binge eat. This craving can be curbed by regularly drinking our Shape Up tea.

> When : Every Morning of your detox
> How: Add one teaspoon to boiling water (for best results use a tea strainer).

Leaf green copy Hint ….. Our tea is loose leaf so you can re-steep several times. Simply poor more hot water in your cup!

Night Tea > Cleanse Me

 The purpose of this tea is to clean out your digestive tract and rid the body of toxins so weight loss is encouraged. Healthy functioning of the bowel is essential for optimum health.

> When: Every other evening of your detox
> How: Add one teaspoon to boiling water (for best results use a tea strainer).

  Leaf green copy Hint…Give your tea some flavor by infusing fruit or honey. Never add milk to tea, as it destroys all the good antioxidants in the tea. 


I love starting my day with ShapeUP. I feel so awake and clear minded to tackle the day ahead, plus it taste yummy.*
Ngoc Chang


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